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PROM and other Qualms

2nd annual Prom Night with the church girls last night. You’d be laughing with us too if you grew up like we did, never being allowed to go to prom (or any dance) because of our overly strict and religious parents. It’s really just a night for us to hang out and get dressed up.  Last year, I thought it went really well; there were over 25+ people there and it was a great night for everyone to talk.  I keep hearing about how my church is way too “clique-y” though I’ve never really understood what that meant. I’ve never felt this way before but that doesn’t mean these cliques don’t exist. This year, only 12 girls came out. I’d call the night a success. But it’s sad that some girls didn’t want to come because they felt/heard that last years night was boring. What the crap does that mean? It’s a dinner, you eat and talk to the people you’re sitting next to. It’s not an activities fair. What is up with people needing to be entertained everywhere they go, why can’t they entertain themselves?! Geeez, if something is boring, that’s directly related to how boring you are as a person because you can make anything fun if you have a good personality, or any personality for that matter.

Anonymous asked: "Why can’t Indian guys actually look like this in America?" If they do look like that, they marry white women, so it won't help you none. :/

Thanks for keeping it real. *sobbing in the distance

Why can’t Indian guys actually look like this in America? Ughhhhh. Ranveer Singh, I want to go to there.

Why can’t Indian guys actually look like this in America? Ughhhhh. Ranveer Singh, I want to go to there.

First Indian movie in a long time that made me fall in love with Bollywood all over again. Scared out of my mind about choreographing a dance for my friend’s mehndi/wedding, but excited at the same time. Perfect combination to stay on my toes.

Those random phone calls

My grandmother who speaks 10 words of English called me this morning from her cellphone just to say hi. I wish she lived near me. She then gave it to my 2 year old cousin who was very happy to talk with me on the phone and told me all about his morning. Even though he’s little, he sure knows how to put me in my place, speaking way more malayalam than I know what to do with. No one ever randomly calls anymore.  “Why are you calling, anything wrong?” “Nope, just wanted to say hi” I miss having this conversation. Yeah, it’s nice to get a random text…But you know what, taking the time to call trumps taking the time to hit send.


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