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All night. I just want all night.

Impressions and Birthday

It doesn’t take a lot to leave someone with a lasting impression. I’m starting to realize that the first impression isn’t always the consistent one, but the initial intuition is essentially the same. My gut usually knows what’s up before my head does. No more second guessing.

My birthday may have already passed, but it’s never too late or too early to celebrate or wish me the best. Leave the complications for the acquaintances.

Being a teacher in college.

Just got the OK from the department chair that I can drop students from my class. If that isn’t an indicator of how teaching this semester is going for me, than you’ve obviously never been in a classroom in your life. It’s only the 4th day of class and I’m appalled at how snarky and rude some of the kids in my 80 person class are behaving. They just straight up make fun of me, don’t pay attention, are rude, loud, and disruptive during lecture. I distinctly remember hearing today someone calling me lazy— which ok…what do you expect me to do? Do a dance for you? This isn’t high school. Welcome to college and the never ending lecture. At least I try and make it fun and interesting. The good thing is, the majority of my class is pretty awesome, insightful, and respectful. It’s just these few rowdy kids that ruin it for the rest of us.

The other graduate students think these kids are walking all over me because they think I’m way too nice to them. Well jokes on you kids, I actually literally don’t give a crap if you pass this class or if you need to make an A. There’s nothing like the feeling of your Department Head letting you know that you can kick a kid out of your class if they annoy you enough. I’m so happy (:

PROM and other Qualms

2nd annual Prom Night with the church girls last night. You’d be laughing with us too if you grew up like we did, never being allowed to go to prom (or any dance) because of our overly strict and religious parents. It’s really just a night for us to hang out and get dressed up.  Last year, I thought it went really well; there were over 25+ people there and it was a great night for everyone to talk.  I keep hearing about how my church is way too “clique-y” though I’ve never really understood what that meant. I’ve never felt this way before but that doesn’t mean these cliques don’t exist. This year, only 12 girls came out. I’d call the night a success. But it’s sad that some girls didn’t want to come because they felt/heard that last years night was boring. What the crap does that mean? It’s a dinner, you eat and talk to the people you’re sitting next to. It’s not an activities fair. What is up with people needing to be entertained everywhere they go, why can’t they entertain themselves?! Geeez, if something is boring, that’s directly related to how boring you are as a person because you can make anything fun if you have a good personality, or any personality for that matter.

Anonymous asked: "Why can’t Indian guys actually look like this in America?" If they do look like that, they marry white women, so it won't help you none. :/

Thanks for keeping it real. *sobbing in the distance